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Friday, April 25, 2008

Radio jockeys

You have ever been to UAE.
Then you are familiar with Malayalam radio channels who

encourage you to make SMS by asking questions like what is the colour of milk,who is the prime minister of India etc.
Poor grocery employees, cafeteria staffs and drivers respond to them.losing their hard earned money.
It is very much nauseating to hear some of the radio jockeys speak as if they do not know Malayalam and they are here doing a favor to you by speaking in Malayalam !
See I am not against radio jockeys they do fantastic job like kuresi saab of vividh bharathi doing but what these people are doing is not acceptable.
And there is another side to this story, some radio channels are doing great job by collecting money for people who are in some dire situations. They deserve all kudos for this type of activities.
What I cannot digest is why these people use English language when it is a malyalam channel and 90 % of listeners are comfortable only in Malayalam.
If they cannot perform the program completely in Malayalam why don’t they leave this Malayalam channel and join BBC ?


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