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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Roads(rods) of kerala

It is a common scene in the highway of kerala that people travels in two wheelers and auto-rickshawas carry with them iron rods, aluminum panels and big bundles of goods some times they tie it with their vehicle or a co-passenger carry it precariously. it is certain that it may cause dangerous accidents. sometimes you can see three wheeler goods carrier also loads and carry iron rods, glass sheets and metallic objects nonchalantly. They are not even display signs of danger. these people are not bothered about the safety of other people. surprising thing is that traffic police are not taking any action against these miscreants ! These people are forgetting that had it been in a western country they are inside a jail or they have to pay a hefty sum for putting other people’s life in jeopardy.
I think it is more dangerous than person traveling in a two wheeler without wearing a helmet. by sparing a helmet he/she takes the risk of his/her life, but by traveling with long iron rods they are putting his/her life as well as others.



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