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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There are more cartoonists in kerala than any other Indian states.
The reason is unknown. but I think we Malayalees have a sense of humor.
They find humor in everything. we have fantastic cartoonists like Unni,Ravisankar,
Sukumar,toms,peter,Nathan,seeri,sankarankutty,gopikrishnan,unnikrishnan’s.mohan,G.Hari,Mohanachandran,sudheernath etc.
I know the list is incomplete, but to type the name of only famous will take hours.
So I pick someone from my memory.
There are plenty of institutions in kerala to teach cartoons. Now cartooning is not a
Hobby it is a profession. Cartoonists have plenty of opportunities in the animation film field…(to be continued)


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