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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Did you ever think about a peaceful world?
A world without any problems. no war no disease.
Every body has food and shelter and whatsoever they need in the life.
That world would be boring!
Its not my theory but swami Vivekananda said.
When I ponder over it I felt the same. To reach in such a conclusion there is no need of extra ordinary intelligence.
With our common sense we can reason it.
We as human beings there should be problems .by solving these problems we are nearing to realization.
As a country there should be problems then only people will think to overcome the problems. Problems are path to fulfillment.
We cannot think world as same forever, it was not same before and it will not be same in the future and it is constantly changing.
Change is the characteristic of nature.
Am I sounding philosophical? Yes I am little bit Philosophical.
All people should be philosophical. The percentage of philosophy increase in our life we are nearing to realization/ god.


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