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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dilemma of madhavettan

Madhavettan is a 48 years old chronic bachelor
Who speak Malayalam in pure trichur slang
Enthoota ipperayene (what are you talking).sort of dialogue.
He works in a private firm at Rak.
He comes to visit me every weekend.
He is not married because of some personnel reasons, And jokingly says some times that he is going to become a monk.
Yesterday he called me and said ‘see pocku
I am not going to become a sanyasi.
Why? I asked
“Don’t you heard about santhosh madhavan ?
If I start an asram people will think that
I am also following the path of santhosh madhavan….people won’t allow me to survive” he murmured….

He said it in a joking manner but, is not it right?
A genuine youth cannot go to the spiritual world without the doubtful eyes of society.



At Thursday, July 29, 2010 , Blogger madhav warrier said...

This is the sound of a coward.History is a useless thing,but we have heard some stories of Marin lther King Jr. and Galileo Galeele.The society always like that,and the all masters who lived here,was tried to lead the society through a rith path......Santhosh Madhavan is a product of our bloody society and we cannot correct it untill we respond in a right manner.I will say Madhavettan can become a monk,because he is a coward.There is a story,told by Sri Ramakrishna.You please try to hear that.


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