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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Major Ravi and kurukshetra

Major Ravi has done a good job by making kurukshetra.it may not be a great film.
But all Indians must watch this film in order to understand some facts about army life,and to ignite the feeling of patriotisam.
Scenes of our soldier’s patriotism, commitment, sincerity and bravery are nicely picturised.
Corruption in army also mentioned with some dialogues by Mahadevan (Mohanlal).it is a suitable role for mohanlal and he displayed justice to his character. it also depicts the
Pathetic situation of Pakistan army. This film also speaks for our Muslim brothers.
It is a bare truth that some expatriate Indians from a particular community in gulf countries are supporting Pakistan.
It is a good film for those Muslim youths who select the way of terrorism instead of adopting democratic ways to get their rights. They are forgetting that India is not only a country of modis and thakerays but there are millions of Mhadevans here.

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