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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clint eastwood and Malayalam films

It is interesting to note the controversy between actor Dilip and Director Tulasidas.
It is heard that dileep told tulsidas that he make one hit film and come for his date.
This is a logical request from Dileep because last Dilip Film mulla was not a super hit. So he wants to make a hit film. but we cannot criticize Tulsidas, directing is his profession and he has to churn out films in order to earn and survive in this industry.
I have seen some average (but commercially successful film from Thulsidas) but recently he has not made any block busters. May be his talent dry up. we do not know.
Does this talent dry up ? In some people it is correct like the case of some of the directors and writers. I think Lohitadas,fazil,joshi and I.V.Sasi is also face this problem.i am not saying they lost all their talent forever. it will come if they try.
Look at Hollywood actor director Clint eastwood he is above 70 and he still make superhit films.it is his hard work which make him an evergreen actor Director.
And if my information is correct Maro puzzo the author
Of Godfather started his writing career at the age of 52.
Before concluding I would like to ask one question which is the good film like the caliber of ulladakam,sandesam,or vadakkan veera ghadha by Tulasidas.

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At Thursday, June 05, 2008 , Blogger Sakuni said...

He should do another Layanam and no need of dileep for that. He can get Tamil actress Namitha and film will be super duper hit.

After that Dileep will come begging to him


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