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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Autobiography of a yogi

This is a fantastic book by paramahamsa yoganada.to know the amazing power of kriyayoga One must read this book. This book is special because it is written by a yogi about yoga and spirituality. The contents may surprise the reader. But there are a lot of
Yogis still lives in India who does such things. The book also explains how it is possible for yogis to display extraordinary powers. some names mentioned in this book are new information for me. e.g shree shree babaji,lahiri mahashaya,yukteswar etc.
There is an amazing story of a yogi who lives without eating anything from years!
Another yogi who gives fragrance of jasmine flower to author’s hand without touching!
And there are plenty of interesting stories.personally if you ask me whether you believe in This book,answer is I do not know and I am searching…………..

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