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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Relationship and spirituality

What is the real relationship? Do you have a relative or a friend who love you sincerely?
Do you have a friend who makes a hearty wish when you get a hike in your salary?
I have few, very few relatives, and friends who are my real well wishers. But the number is very less! .if you make more money or you are getting a promotion your relative and neighbor do not like it they want it to happen only to their son/daughter. Why it is so? Some times I doubt my aloofness for their attitude towards me.
But it is not only towards me but my wife also saying the same story that her relatives are envious! Some of her friends are selfish. So I got a partial answer to this problem. This is the nature of present world (kaliyug).Its customs or the way of life makes people more aggressive, envious, egoistic, greedy and selfish. These people lack spiritual knowledge. They do not know about spirituality. They think that this body will remain forever even though they see a lot of mishaps in television everyday around the world.
Solution is only one thing ignore them. Because you cannot make this world beautiful.
Many great personalities tried before and the world is same. If you teach them about the philosophy of Indian yogis and cosmic harmony they will mock at you. So if possible teach or guide the one really interested in spirituality and make at least one soul to obtain the ultimate happiness.

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