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Sunday, December 18, 2011

mullaperiyar and tamilians

Tamilians are always very sensitive people.they respond to issues in a sensitive way.they don't think.before it was against hindi language now they are against malayalees on the issue of mullaperiyar.
kerala never said that they will not give water to tamil people.but tamilians behave as if keralites denied them water.malyalees are more concerned about the safety of millions of people but tamilians including their ministers are not listening to it.
they respond to keralites as if kerala is an enemy nation located outside india.
it is unfortunate that lot of malyalees are being attacked in different part of tamilnadu.but dear tamil brothers have you ever seen or heard malayalees attacking a tamilian ?

Malayalees give them water in return tamilians give them highly poisonised vegetables to them !

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