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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Formula of films.

Just like songs which fall into a particular raga ,films also falls in to some particular categories this is applicable to .Malayalam or any other language films. Some may disagree with me. but it is a truth. For e.g. the Malayalam film thanmathra falls in to a particular category.
It goes like this…
In the beginning films shows the life of a happy family man and his surroundings.and a song to fill up the gap and depicts their happiness. Then comes this disease (instead of villain) alszhimers.and here also a sad song comes to show their agony .at last hero dies making the audience weeping. (Especially ladies)
A lot of films with such a story formula come in to my memory. I will tell you some names.nokkethadoorathu kannumnattu,(here the heroin is the patient and to earn her character more sympathy she hides her disease and appear in grandma’s home were she sing, dance and make some funny moments.
Thalavattom is another film (let us forget about its origin ‘one flew over cuckoos nest) in which the main structure remains the same. In another film instead of disease comes a villain who douses the happiness and comedy scenes.
So it is common that most of the films have two parts a happy first half and a complementary second part.
I am not saying that those who adopt such formula are not talented directors.
They are talented but this style comes in to story line without their comprehension.
So if you want to write a script for films, create a happy family or friends group then bring some elements which stop the comedy scene and brings tension to the scene.

If you can think more give a twist in the end to a common story like the case of aniyathi pravu.

Thus formula 1=premabhishekam,thanmathra,thalavattom,nokethadoorathu kannumnattu,sargam,,desadanam,
Formula 2 = subramanyapuram(T),siva(H),satya(H),Aryan,abhimanyu,devasuram,irpathamnoottandu,in harihar nagar,

Formula 3=sholay(H),karma(H),ghandhari,chitram
Formula 4=Jurassic park,alilen,war of the worlds, independence day,E.T(English)
Formula 5=thakara,pavamkruran,rathinirvedam,chamaram,punnaram cholli cholli.
Formula 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,comes later……………….

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