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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Santhosh Madhavan

So one more swamiji is going to corrupt the legacy of Hindu priesthood.
Police is searching for santhosh madhavan who cheated some NRIs.malayalam TV channels were competing to get the latest news for the last two days.
Now everybody is waiting to see the arrest and court drama.
Why these criminals and con man are fond of Hindu priest attire? may be it is because of the inheritance of great priests like Aadi shankaracharya swami vivekanda,sree Ramakrishna paramahamsa,Ramana Maharshi,Sree narayana guru etc.
And there were rebel priest like Osho, Mahesh yogi etc.

These priests were highly intellectual and brave.
They ask questions which a common man cannot find answer and they will give the answer themselves in a charming way.Irrespective of the religion people respect them, the communication skill they develop through yoga and meditation is an important factor here.

The new con man or astrologers like santhosh madhavan exploited this legacy. They misused yoga and meditation to cheat people.
People trapped in their game. T.V.channels and news papers celebrate the news and we watch these drama until some another story comes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

News value !

Recently India set record by launching 10 satellites at one go. it was a great achievement in the history of ISRO.
One day (or two?) before this sreeshant got slapped by Harbhajan singh ,as a patriotic Indian I would like to know more details about satellite launching but for asianet TV the important news was two arrogant Indian players issue. and they are calling every person who are related to sports and collecting their response. there was no discussion or details about ISRO mission!