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Friday, June 29, 2012

A wonder in kerala politics

Some times i wonder about cpm state secretary Mr.pinarayi vijayan.he is not a good speaker.his speeches are very cold.which fails to encourage anyone.there are no depth in his speeches.some times he even use some dirty collaqial language in his speeches.still he is the leader of cpm in kerala with lot of followers.i do not know the secret behind this.may be he is having some sort of charisma  which i fails to understand.whatsoever i wish him all the best in his political career.

Modern Culture

Recently I heard father of one of the malayali actress is proudly narrates in an interview about her performance in a hindi movie based on the life story of south indian sex siren.there are enough hot scenes in the film.what i cannot understand is what is the criteria of modern culture.and for my surprise her father says in another interview that he did not find any vulgarity in the film. oh my god i am totally confused about the culture things and all somebody help me please..................

Thursday, June 28, 2012

what is creative bankruptacy

It is something like health.when one gets old his talent start to get decrease(exceptions are there).nowadays we can see this on  one of our filmmaker sreenivasan.I think he face such creative bankruptcy.the result we can see in the latest release of his films.a lot of directors and writers face such problem.Maniratnam,priyadarshan,fazil,subash ghai,Ramesh sippy are the living examples of this phenomenon.But i think the people who stayed longest time without surrendering to intellectual bankruptcy is   our Director Joshi and IV sasi.both of them are active in the film filed.
This phenomenon is different from person to person.but talent like anything else dried up one day.not all can make super hit movies always or one cannot write classic stories always.it is the law of nature.

Monday, June 25, 2012


According to maya calander there is will be a change in the universe in the month of december
2012.there are a plenty of articles in the internet regarding this phenomena.is there is anything
real behind this phenomena, only god knows it.but according to some scientists there is nothing to worry about it.so everybody do their job perfectly.let us hope for the good.

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