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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The characteristics of a drunkard(part 1)

The characteristics of a drunkard is as follows. Please note that it is applicable to keralite drunkards only.

They get up early and take bath in the morning and come out with a fresh face with a red eye irrespective of the quantity of liquor they have taken yesterday .
Most of them do have dentures, and they smile very nicely.
They elaborate their drinking spree in the past. And invite you to be a part in the future drinking spree.
If they find you a little tired they will say that it is the excessive drinks you have taken yesterday.(you may be a teetotaller they don’t care about it.)
Some of them are voracious eaters.
They are very good cooks.
They tell you that drinks are solution for every problem you confront with.
This list is not complete ..
It is advisable that similar road signals near to schools can be placed near the bars of kerala. The sign board which I created is here, interested parties may contact me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Save sarbajith singh

click here and join save sarabjith singh campaign http://www.kairalitv.in/people/index.asp

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kerala SSLC Examintaion Result

Please visit http://www.kerala.gov.in/ to know the Kerala SSLC Examination result

Celebrity drama

It is a common scene in television channels when a person becomes famous and he/she starts to educate people in their interviews. T.V.Anchor ask them silly questions and it is amusing to see these celebrities make their answers.From a friend of mine I know a famous Malayalam actress who was a below average student (a real mandabudhi/ackal manth)says that had she not been in the films field she would be a doctor by now !

Renji panikkar and Stundents only

Ranji panikkar says in the programme students only that kerala society is living under hypocrisy. Yes it is true, but one of the reason he is saying is not exactly correct.
He says that before few decades ladies of below cast communities are not allowed to hide their chest.
Now the controversies about attire of both the gender are hypocrisy. By saying this he indirectly admit that ladies from upper class community are allowed to hide their chest. So I think instead of hypocrisy it is only a way to establish equality. And every religion and cast changes their style of dress from time to time. Only the time to change is varies.