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Saturday, July 26, 2008

NAVNATH SADHU SANGH ( AYogi group in Himalaya)

I dont know how many of us knows about the existence of Navnath sadhu sangh in Himalayas. But as an indian or as a human being we must know about them.because they are meditating and performing homas(rites) and chanting mantra's for the well being of human beings !.
Those Malayalees who are interested to know more about them and other details of Himalayas please read the fantastic travelogue 'Thapoboomi Utharkhandu' by M.K.Ramachandran.
Navnath sadhus are very attractive and sacred in look.they have a golden color which may be because of the aura transmitting from their body.
when they chant 'OM' it takes more than two minutes and you will get absorbed in their voice.
They are operating in Himalayas from thousands of years.
They can communicate with other yogis in himalayas through telepathy.
They confirm the existence of YETIs in Himalayas.
They even helps scientists in their new inventions.
Mr Ramachandran finds out some papers of sulabhsastra translated from sanskrit to english in the cave.
They have a regular messenger a Nepali boy Norging who carry away their papers and items to outside world and supply them essential items.these papers are being sent to USA and Canada.
In the book Mr Ramachandran says that his Rolex watch was stopped permenantly by a yogi with his mental power ! Mr Ramachadran fails to repair the watch later,because the technican says this watch is burned inside !.

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