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Monday, September 1, 2008

valapad,triprayar and karayamuttam

Here in valapad village everything open in the morning at 9.30 or 10.00 ‘O
Clock.even if you are ready at 6.00 O clock it is futile. You cannot pay your
Electricity bill before 10 .00 am, you cannot pay your telephone bill before
9.00 am, you cannot enter an internet café before 9.30 am!
Every body is slow and most of the government offices open only at 10 or later.
And even if you are there at 10.00 am you have to wait for the employees
Coming after 10.00 am .
Bye opening at 10.00 or 9.00 am we are wasting our one or two hours daily!
What I cannot understand is why private parties who want to reap more profit
Also open at late in the morning!

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Political drama

While Abhinav Bindra,vijender kumar and sushil kumar spreading the glory of
India by winning medals at Beijing Olympics , Indian army is fighting to
Infilitrators in kasmir valley in kerala political parties are stopping the public
Life by conducting a nation wide strike! For whom they are striking ?
If it is for public including me No, please do not stop the flow of life for me.
The other day I saw DYFI supporters blocking the way in triprayar junction,
thrissur dist.stopping national highway 17 for hours a lot of travelers suffered
due to this and the surprising thing is kerala police is helping these culprits to
block the national highway instead of get rid of this anti social people !

Recently by watching the hartal in kerala one army javan said that send these
Protesters to Kashmir to fight against anti social elements then they will realize what does real fighting

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