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Friday, June 6, 2008

Unite AGAINST public കഴുതകല്‍ക്കെതിരെ നാം ഒന്നു

Oxygen FM Radio.

The common NRI Malayalees are being exploited, cheated and insulted by the society in different forms. among this Gulf Malayalees are more affected.
Recently I heard one lady in the oxygen FM radio of Dubai making a comment like this
“UAE meteorological department said that temperature in UAE may increase up to 49 degrees in the coming days”
Then she adds a statement something like this “no problem we can sit inside air condition rooms and escape from this”!.

From where she got this idea that all the people work in gulf countries are white collar employees!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clint eastwood and Malayalam films

It is interesting to note the controversy between actor Dilip and Director Tulasidas.
It is heard that dileep told tulsidas that he make one hit film and come for his date.
This is a logical request from Dileep because last Dilip Film mulla was not a super hit. So he wants to make a hit film. but we cannot criticize Tulsidas, directing is his profession and he has to churn out films in order to earn and survive in this industry.
I have seen some average (but commercially successful film from Thulsidas) but recently he has not made any block busters. May be his talent dry up. we do not know.
Does this talent dry up ? In some people it is correct like the case of some of the directors and writers. I think Lohitadas,fazil,joshi and I.V.Sasi is also face this problem.i am not saying they lost all their talent forever. it will come if they try.
Look at Hollywood actor director Clint eastwood he is above 70 and he still make superhit films.it is his hard work which make him an evergreen actor Director.
And if my information is correct Maro puzzo the author
Of Godfather started his writing career at the age of 52.
Before concluding I would like to ask one question which is the good film like the caliber of ulladakam,sandesam,or vadakkan veera ghadha by Tulasidas.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dilemma of madhavettan

Madhavettan is a 48 years old chronic bachelor
Who speak Malayalam in pure trichur slang
Enthoota ipperayene (what are you talking).sort of dialogue.
He works in a private firm at Rak.
He comes to visit me every weekend.
He is not married because of some personnel reasons, And jokingly says some times that he is going to become a monk.
Yesterday he called me and said ‘see pocku
I am not going to become a sanyasi.
Why? I asked
“Don’t you heard about santhosh madhavan ?
If I start an asram people will think that
I am also following the path of santhosh madhavan….people won’t allow me to survive” he murmured….

He said it in a joking manner but, is not it right?
A genuine youth cannot go to the spiritual world without the doubtful eyes of society.


Barak Obalma

I wish all the success to democratic candidate barak obalma.there are lot of Indians who whish to see him as the president of US. It is clear that he is different from all his predecessors. I
wish to see a US president who respect all the nations in the world rather than acting as world police. He like the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi; Let us hope that he will adopt Mahatma’s theory of non violence.



Nowadays Malayalam tv channels are showing film trials. but it is very strange to note that there is a notification that “the main film yet to be certified” I wonder then what is the role of censor board ? The trials they are showing is from an uncensored film.! And it is for the public view!