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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Britney spears

Britney is famous for her talent as well as the controversy she creates.
Angelina jolie is also no exception to this.both of them has family problems and these are well known to public, especially to their fans.
The same thing is happening here in kerala. Or a controversy is coming with stardom. It started from actress shoba decades ago.
A lot of stories came out with most of Malayali actresses. The list is too long so it is useless to write.
Recently meera jasmine came out with some problems against her family related to financial dealing.jomol.also have a similar story.
The latest is story of actress mukta. In mukta’s case her father organized a press meeting and started mud slinging.
Why these girls have problems around them? May be this is the price they are paying for their stardom. Visual media is also responsible for attracting girls to films and serials by giving more importance to films in the television.
All the girls cannot be a Madhuri dixit, Sabna azmi,Manju warrior,Sreedevi or smitha patil
If you have talent go to films. But if you have only a body to show (which is the case of a lot of Malayalam actresses move to Tamil and other languages) and capture stardom, please pursue another profession.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Congratulations to all behind the successful launch of chandrayan 1.
its a remarkable achievement in the history of ISRO.
all the wishes to their future ventures also.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kodungallure Sreekaleeswari Theater

I went to Sreekaaleeswari Theater kodungallur to watch the movie kurushetra.there I realized the reason why people are prefer to watch films on their home instead of theater.
 There are bugs in the seat.
 The place is stinking of urine.
 Some times picture goes off the screen then audience has to shout in order to get the attention of the operator to resume the picture.
 Late comers have to search in the dark to find a seat as there is no guide to usher them.
 A small packet of 50 pieces of peanut cost Rs.5/00
 In the parking area there is an irresponsible notice “park the vehicle on owner’s risk” !.

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