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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kerala road and politicians

There are plenty of accidents taking place in kerala everyday.
Can’t we prevent this? Yes our police and politicians can prevent this easily
By making the law strict. but they are not doing this even though present law is
Adequate to stop accidents! The reason; illicit relation of police and politicians.

Just like in gulf countries if you charge blood money to the person proved guilty of
Accident and send those who drives motor vehicles by consuming liquor to jail one month without bail will immediately solve the problem.

But why it is not taking place.
Because public lacks will power to assemble and fight against it.
Now kerala is a bunch of people who do not respond.

The other day I was traveling in the private bus (anandaraj) from trissur to triprayar
Then I saw a young person sitting in the seat reserved for senior citizen and an old passenger standing with difficulty near that seat. neither the young passenger nor the
Conductor offers a seat to the old man.
Irritated by the scene I told the old man that why don’t you tell that young person to get
Up from the reserved seat? For this he responds with a sad smile. In response to my
Angry approach a person sitting in the ordinary seat offered this old man a sit. Old man
Seated comfortably and continued his journey. But none of my co-passengers made any words supporting me against the law breaker, who seize the seat of elder people and
Travels comfortably.
I think the young person deliberately ignore the truth about ageing.
The conductor of the bus Anandaraj is only concerned about income!
This bus also notorious for making an accident which nearly killed a person, and when the Injured person requested for money they ignored it, at last he has to go to court go
Get the money. The surprising thing in this story is the owner of this bus is a close relative of the person who injured in the accident!

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