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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dubai FM Punjab and

When you switch on FM 9.88.8 radio in Dubai you can enjoy old and new Hindi songs.but unfortunately the songs are not melodies nowadays. Specially songs from the new Hindi movies.which is having strong influence of Punjabi music and lyrics.as an Indian i like Punjab and its culture but whatever we consume should not be overdose.that makes lot of health problems.but this overdose of punjabification is happening in Hindi movies now,I am sorry to say that it is nauseating for people from other states of India.Even though malayalees who stays and work inside Kerala are not good in Hindi, they enjoy Hindi songs and movies but suddenly they sense a new language has been blended to their sweet Hindi and making it a strange language.so they change this FM station and start to listen to  their own Malayalam music there you can hear two ladies and one male boasting about their ability to drive in Dubai roads and criticising those who drive very fast. then comes narration about their in ability to speak in good Malayalam and cooking.
and the other day you are taking the movie 22 female kottayam to watch . the movie is from a new comer and he is one of  the promising director of Malayalam film industry.the surprise in the climax scene of this movie is  "penectomy "!  which has been tried in lot of Hollywood movies.but its a watchable movie though the old wine is in new bottle.

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