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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Did you ever think about a peaceful world?
A world without any problems. no war no disease.
Every body has food and shelter and whatsoever they need in the life.
That world would be boring!
Its not my theory but swami Vivekananda said.
When I ponder over it I felt the same. To reach in such a conclusion there is no need of extra ordinary intelligence.
With our common sense we can reason it.
We as human beings there should be problems .by solving these problems we are nearing to realization.
As a country there should be problems then only people will think to overcome the problems. Problems are path to fulfillment.
We cannot think world as same forever, it was not same before and it will not be same in the future and it is constantly changing.
Change is the characteristic of nature.
Am I sounding philosophical? Yes I am little bit Philosophical.
All people should be philosophical. The percentage of philosophy increase in our life we are nearing to realization/ god.

Air India Express

Air India is making money with malayali passengers by exploiting them .they make up their money losing sectors by exploiting gulf malayalees. Recently I was traveling with my sister and her 7 month old infant daughter.
When the kid started crying I enquired one of the airhostess did they have a toy or something to console the kid. her answer was “no”.
Again when the kid started to sleep I asked her did you have a pillow for the kid ?
“It is finished “She said with a smile.
This is the way air India treat its malayalee passengers !
Be it sports or traveling every sector malayalee is neglected.

Super stars

I wonder why we malayalees are not fed up with watching the faces of our two super stars.
It has been decades they are in acting business and in most of the films they are incarnations of all the good qualities in the world !
Mohanlal nowadays is very fat and if one person other than malayali will be surprised and shocked if he/she sees him dancing with young actresses.
There is no doubt he is a good actor but the roles he is accepting currently is not suitable for him.
Mamooty is also no exception to this case.
But he maintains his body structure perfectly, but unfortunately he is a limited actor. his fans may not agree with this, and yeah he do comedy roles also, to indicate this he wear a black cooling glass !so be prepared to laugh when you see him with cooling glass.
he delivers his dialogue as he delivered it in his first film.It is true that he made some excellent performance in some films.
But both of them are clichéd faces.
Tamilians are luckier in this matter.
They have plenty of actors and their superstars do not accept more films every year.
Kamal hassan who started his career before our superstars do not make people boring. He experiment with his acting talent.
Rajanikant though a limited actor only acts one or two films per year.
And they have talented actors like Vikram,Ajith,Vijay,Surya,Vijaykant etc.
it is not directors or producers who make the ultimate decision to whom to act in their films, but market value of a particular star.
If mamooty and mohanlal can recover their money fast they will be cast in films.
So it is the mind set of audience which is to be changed.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Kamal sir we are eagerly waiting to watch you in ten roles .

Parvathy omanakuttan

Paravati omanakuttan is an exception to Bombay Malayalees not because she is femina miss India world.
But she speaks Malayalam without any hypocrisy. Even though few English words comes in her speech We should forgive her considering her Bombay childhood, she not only speak her mother tongue but she loves it.
I have seen lot of malayali mothers in Bombay who shamelessly and little bit proudly claims that her son/daughter do not know Malayalam !
Some of them says that kurachu kurachu Malayalam ariyam…
I don’t understand why these people are proud of their kids who cannot speak their mother tongue.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oneness of India

From where this oneness of India irrespective of invasions from hunas,monglias, mughals and british comes ?The answer is plenty. Pandit Jawaharlal in one of his speeches said that “the aspiration of north Indians to visit places in south like madhurai,thirupathi,rameswaram guruvayoor and south Indians to visit kasi,kailash,haridwar,ganges. Makes the people of India a feeling of oneness .


It is very heartening to see cricketer S.Sreeshant crying after he got beaten up by spinner Harbhajan singh.
When I saw Sreeshant cries like a kid I was thinking about the issues between Symonds and harbhajan on india’s last tour to Australia .
it is high time from the part of BCCI to take strong action against misbehaving players.